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Genghis Khan—Man or Monster?… How Hitler fooled the British… Custer’s First Last Stand… Secrets of the U-Boats… When Napoleon got it Wrong... Crime in World War Two... If you are fascinated by military history then you will find a lot to read about in Military Illustrated - full of the latest new angles on historical topics, tackling controversial aspects of military events from the past.
Spanning the entire history of warfare from ancient to modern - there are regular features on World War Two, World War One, Napoleonic Wars, Colonial Warfare, and Medieval battles - all written by leading military historians in their field. We have published extracts from the latest military titles plus pages of book reviews by specialist reviewers every month. Every article is illustrated by a wealth of contemporary photographs or artwork especially commissioned from the world’s finest military artists.
Military Illustrated was founded in 1986 and until it ceased publication in 2011 was one of the world’s leading military history magazines.

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